It isn’t lonely. But, it brings out mostly. The inner enlightenment that has been overshadowed , By the narrowed, perception of love. That, it is from above. Therefore, losing originality, a mentality towards insanity. Highlighting the reality that it is the new realm of halfness. Having to be incomplete inorder to complete. It is enlightening, like a strand of lightening. Striking the imbalance. The thought process, becoming an access towards life itself. The standard of living, what is believing and what is receiving. 

 Alone is wholeness. Bringing to life creativity beyond recognition. Leaders of nation. Dreams worth achieving in the moment of self actualization. A whole person. A complete body. That comes alive, blossoming like the ocean. Spreading large wings. In search of wholeness and completeness. A perfect match. That is irreversible and possible.
Written by Grace balogun


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