A woman’s torment. 

I have a vagina and you think you have some sort of entitlement to it. I have breasts, does that mean I am just an object to be pressed on when you feel like it.
I walk on egg shells because I fear I might trigger you by just being who I am. I don’t look like you, so I am not human? Or  you act inhuman.

I don’t have feelings. I can’t stand for myself. But, you can. Even if I want to. You try to bring me down.

You push my spirit into darkness. Beat my confidence down. Snatch away my dignity. Rape me of respect. No remorse. No shame. What is your aim?

You try to Control me. Suffocation beyond what the bones beneath my skin can take. They are broken into pieces. From strong gripping and twisting.

The hair on my head has become a way for you to cause me pain. The belt on your waist knows what my flesh taste like. My teeth falls like raindrops from the sky from the hard blows that meets it. Breaking it from that which gives it strength to stand strong. Sometimes, my eyes are so swollen that I think I bleed red from my eyes. Sleepless nights are uncountable.

If I let you break my spirit. I will have nothing left of me. Though, you try so hard to take the only thing I have left. But, you won’t succeed. And for every deed, I will strike back. I will regain my flesh. Build my soul. Come out of the darkness. Even if you don’t confess. I will see light. Seek might and win the fight.

Written by Grace balogun

32 thoughts on “A woman’s torment. 

    1. Thank you so much. I didn’t want to end the poem with not inspiring women to come out of such suffering. Even though you go through so much. You should fight back. Get justice. Don’t give up hope. Don’t get use to it. Don’t lose yourself. Because that’s all that matters. Women must stand up for themselves. In this situation, it is very important that women fight back. Don’t settle. I appreciate the fact that you saw exactly what I was trying to inspire. Hope to keep inspiring people.

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      1. Yes. That is exactly the message that came across! I am sure you will keep inspiring people with this post. Well done on tackling such a difficult with such empathy and feeling. I have not myself been through an abusive relationship but I know women who have. Thank you so much for posting

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  1. A woman’s prayer for strength and determination ~ Very relevant and fitting in today’s world ~

    Thanks for joining us and hope to see you in our future challenges ~

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  2. This is incredibly evocative.. you give voice to the injustice which every woman faces in our world. My only prayer is for it to stop..

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  3. I am so very sorry that you had to go through this! Your poem speaks your heart in a touching way! Thank you for your honesty and for dealing with such a horrible topic but a very important one!
    Blessings to you!

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  4. I feel for you! Because it’s written so emotionally and I can feel the pain, does that mean this really happened. A lot of what you wrote has happened to me, so I can totally connect, unfortunately! And yes, we women need to stand tall, be bold, love ourselves, no matter what, be strong, be assertive and truly look after ourselves!!! 🙂

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