Oh! Soldier.

Oh! Soldier. Oh! Soldier.

Why are you not getting older.? Why so young did you have to go? They don’t mourn for crushing your sweet sweet dreams. The talents that have been thrown into deep slumber. Never to wake up. Never to be heard. 

They put you in this brainwashed folder. Though, you get bolder but no one seems to bother. 

Oh ! Soldier. Oh ! Soldier.

Your blood wasted on the field of wars that was created by wicked men. They do not care about the flood of nightmares that you go through every night. While they sleep in deep luxury. You sleep with no jury to bury the pain. Though they are sane. You run insane. 

Your body is left incomplete. But, those who started the war that you try to complete. They compete with their pride. 

Oh! Soldier. Oh! Soldier.

You have forgotten how to walk. Your mind is constantly at work. Your brain talks and talks. You don’t remember what a sound sleep felt like at all. You cry from torment. They say it’s part of the agreement.

Patriotic you are! Barbaric they are! Pave the way. Let them too lay. If this is a justice fight, let them fight too.

Oh! Soldier. Oh! Soldier.

Prepare them. Let them sacrifice for their own wars. Give orders. Take charge. Let those who start the war, be in the battle field. At the front line. Let them finish what began from the works of their hands.

“Only the dead have seen the end of the war” -plato

Written by Grace balogun


8 thoughts on “Oh! Soldier.

  1. As a Veteran I can say that soldiers are not brainwashed as you suggest. You never received a bill for your freedom to write this because the bill was paid by the many who fought, died, or never came home.

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    1. Maybe I might have used the wrong word brainwashed. In my poem all I was trying to say sir is that we don’t need wars anymore and those who create those wars are not soldiers. They are those sitting on the high seats. They might as well stop creating wars so that people can die and lose their families. If they create one they should be the one standing at the front, fighting for what they made happen. I’m sorry if I have been disrespectful in the words I used. I have always respected soldiers and what they do. I just feel like innocent lives die for things that wasn’t caused by them. This was inspirrd by poems such as “next to of course God America by e. e. Cummings”. And also “strange meetings by Wilfred Owen”. Hopefully when you read these poems you shall see what I was trying to say. I take responsibility for my choice of word sir. I would never disrespect a soldier. In fact I praise you for your bravery and courage to give up your life for your country and to bring peace. Hopefully, you don’t see this as a rude gesture. Thanks for expressing your views. Thank you for your service too. Truly sorry if you felt I disregarded what you do.


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