To all bullies.

Why are you so insecure? Why don’t you learn to stop hating yourself and let others be themselves. You don’t take responsibility for your actions. You want all the attention. Have you forgotten affection? Yeah. How would you know? How would you know what it means to love ? Maybe, no one ever showed you love? That is why I leave you to the one above. He knows how to love.

I pray you never walk in my shoes. You never feel what I feel. I hope you always have someone to stand up for you when someone hits you to the ground. You know, it isn’t easy being a target. To pray to God to be invincible. 

You take advantage of your luck. You take for granted the side you are on. I hope you never get thrown to the side I am stuck on. The side of ridicule. The side of constant fear. The side of questions. You ask yourself. Why is this happening to me? Why have the world ganged up against me? Am I not worthy ? Yes, Are you not worthy? You ask yourself. 

You have an opportunity which you misuse.  You have a platform that you abuse. You have the stage. You can make a change.  The mic is all yours. Create an impact. It is a fact. A bully can change. I believe you can change. Be an inspiration instead of creating frustration. Be the leader of good. Not of evil. 

Your words can heal. They can kill. Your actions can carry others further. They can also murder. Stop this bloodshed. 

Bullying needs to be stopped. We are losing too many young lives to this sick behaviour. Love is the ultimate goal. Spread love not hate. The world is big enough to contain us all. Everyone deserves a chance at a happy life. Everyone deserves to live without fear. 

Written by Grace balogun


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