Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Thinking you couldn’t do this and do that.

Wondering if you were capable of …? Or able to…?

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Putting yourself down.

Saying damn you can’t do this now.

You became the judge of your own strength.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

The inner voice shouting no!

The devil behind your ears screaming!

You spirit was guiding!

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Girl! You are falling!

Failure is calling!

You are going to move towards failing!

What was saying!

Was you!

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

You had to prove to you.

Had to show you.

Had to convince you.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

That you were surprised.

When you finally made it.

Fought back.

Could complete it.


Finally did it.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

To the extent that you had to change the

Perception you had of yourself.

Most of the time, we are the Β ones pushing ourselves down and judging our capabilities before we even had the chance to prove our strength. Some of us are our own worst judges.

WrittenΒ Grace balogun

22 thoughts on “Underestimating.

  1. That’s true my dear we are our worst enemies sometimes, I used to doubt myself and be afraid to do new things thinking that am not good enough but I fought back and it really feels good to be the new me. Thanks for sharing it really reminded me my old self.

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    1. Yes dear. Absolutely. We can be our worst critics. I just went through a phase thinking I couldn’t do things. I couldn’t possibly make it. I didn’t have the strength. But to my surprise. I got over the fear and now I feel proud of myslf. I’m glad you worked through that phase in your life too. We are strong. We just need to believe in ourselves. πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀

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  2. I think we all underestimate ourselves from time to time then every now and then we do something that surprises us and we can see that we are very capable people.
    I liked this poem Grace.
    Thank you for following my blog. Stop by anytime.

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  3. Oh , we do this underestimating ourselves and self doubting ourselves so much, too much sometimes, and the cycle can be so had to break, even to the point of breaking us. Oh our wandering, wondering and pondering minds….

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  4. Quantas vezes pensa-se que se estΓ‘ sΓ³, que ninguΓ©m se importa, e fica-se no seu cantinho fechado, mas a realidade Γ© que o sofrimento de alguΓ©m sempre faz sofrer outras pessoas.Gosto da sua escrita dos seus pensamentos.Bjinho.

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  5. I guess it goes back to some events in my childhood that has given me confidence issues over the years. It has been a long difficult journey to try and rise above all that.
    Thank you for sharing Grace. I could really identify with all you shared.


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