A womb-man.

I am a woman.

Yes, A womb-man.

A man with a womb.

A man that bears children.

A man that brings life to this world.

I am not the man society thinks I am. I am not the man you think I am.

I am not to be considered beneath.

See, if you could only realise that I am a man with a womb.

A womb-man.

Then you wouldn’t think of me to be less than a man because I am a man.

A man with a womb.

Because I have a womb, my body is different from yours.

Yes, I am a different kind of man.

I am a man that brings men into this world.

I am a man that nurtures.

I am a man that supports.

I am a man with strength.

I am a man that help multiply.

I am a man that multiplies.

I am a womb-man.

A wo-man.

Written by Grace balogun


29 thoughts on “A womb-man.

  1. Ahh Grace, clever, clever. A womb-man is as good, as strong and deserving as any of the race… the human race. We shouldn’t have to keep measuring ourselves against those that have no womb. We are both Man and Womb. Much deeper than word play, well done.

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    1. Thanks so much. And yes most of the time we women hear things like oh you can’t do this. Oh you can’t do that. You are not strong. Cz you are not a man. But apparently we are. God made us just like him. In his own image. That is why in the bible. You hear words like man shall not live by Bread alone. Man shall not hv any other Gods. I use to think why God never said woman this and that. But I realised that God made only man. And since man had to reproduce. He created another man that could help do that. So wo-man. But we human beings hv to always create levels and divisions of superiority and inferiority. Then blame God for the bad things that happen. God didn’t create inequality. Man did. So that was what inspired this poem. Thanks for stopping by. 😍😚


  2. This is completely AWESOME! Your poem just made me really think about the fact tht God took Adams’ rib and made Eve with it! So in essence-we women are indeed men! Just a different type of man, as you said! Wow, this like really just blew my mind!…Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. That is exactly what I wanted to put across. Because God definitely made man. Men and women are what we humans put to categorise each other and create superiority and inferiority. Just like God made people of different color but never made racism. People created what we call now race.


  3. Grace, how appropriate the name. You have constructed a very insightful message. You are evidently a conduit being use to serve something bigger that yourself. Keep listening.💐

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  4. Dear Grace,
    I just nominated you for Blogger Recognition Award. Do check out this particular post.
    You have been quite important for me in my little journey of blogging. Just a little token of appreciation. Know that your writing has so often influenced and fuelled my creativity. Every single one of the blogger I’ve nominated has been so supportive.

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