War, violence, destruction,

Humanity forgotten, erased and shaken,

Man’s greed, wickedness and thirst for blood,

Let’s not blame God.

Poverty, hunger, suffering everywhere,

Loud cries, flesh devoured ,

nothing left ,

but corpse of regrets,

loss and miseries, People insanity,

Misuse of power, strength and authority,

Let’s not blame God.

Tear-drops falls slowly and forms an ocean of mourning,

The death of a loved one gone wrong and astray,

Life that was young and taken,

But the guilty not to be blamed,

Let’s not blame God.

Mortality and immorality,

Hell on earth, flesh will burn,

Light is darkness, love is lust,

Distant peace, distant reasons,

Let’s not blame God.

Murder in the name of religion

He says love thy neighbours,

Beliefs misused, trust infused,

Man- made religion, made-up rules,

Misguided people, brainwashed doctrines,

Let’s not blame God

Mass shootings , depression moving,

Suicidal warnings, anxiety ruling,

Hate is preaching , the great condemnation,

Is it our doing ? Or do we blame him for our shortcomings ?

Let’s not blame God

Angels are crying , the heaven is shaking,

The clouds are war zones, no escaping this turmoil,

He shines bright , on those the have might ,

The sky is his light, the wicked he watches at sight,

Rain pouring out, falling drops of forgiveness,

Filling the earth with life,

Giving the wrong a second chance,

He sees , he blesses

He beautifies,

He loves ,

Dear beloved,

God is love.