Blue rays of bliss

I stare into the bliss of my destiny

That bliss that contains me

That bliss that awakens me

That bliss that you only heard of

That bliss that I speak through my voice

That makes me who I am,

There you stand,

That bliss containing you too

There you stand

Stronger than I have ever been

There you stand

Wise but with no knowledge

There you stand

On the other side

With your own voice

There you stand

Speaking your truth

little by little

There you stand

Aware and unaware

There you stand

Having not figured out

The voice that speaks

That voice that confirms me as a reality

A reality not faint

A reality that isn’t thin

A reality you choose to believe

A reality you know is real

A reality, whose sounds you have heard

Whose laughter that contains the seconds

A second in the conversation

A presence in the misfortune

A question that was chosen not to be answered

A question that was chosen not to be asked

A question I chose not to be mine

A question you chose not to be yours

Every seconds

Every conversation

Every sun rising

Every moon shining

Discovering that bliss

Slowly with passionate fantasies

Slowly adding to the puzzle

A face , A soul

A striking form

A striking unforgettable memory

A memory of having snores of ear dumbness

A dumb way to remember

A memory to never counter

That bliss was to matter

That bliss was to be mightier

That bliss was to be found

So paths formed from the road of our meeting

It would be fulfilled

What was to be relived

What was to be rewritten

What was to be memorised

The story to be told

A thousand times

How a voice on the other side

Had its own sound

Vivid and loud

That voice was created

Only to be heard

Only to have words

Be spoken only

Through its owners mouth

Written by Grace Balogun