Journey trails

I searched for trails

Where my feet could lay close to the earth

When I heard no ocean cry aloud

Those sounds of teardrops falling like waves curved within its blue white lines

The search I thought was never going to end

I walked miles away from my upbringing

I sought ahead for something worth receiving

Believing that it exists

It stood ahead of me,

Waiting for me to stop searching

But to start seeing

This moments that I see

The light I’m finally close to

The tunnel so dark

But I reach its bright light

I step foot into its ending

The beautiful serenade of its shining sparkles

That lit my body to ignite

It took every core of me

To see what I see now

Enjoying the fruit of my realization

That path through the tunnel

Molded each new bone in me

That would finally start paying off

And speak through to what we need

What we both deserve

The paths we took

To get to this place

We might call home

Living inside our thoughts

The compliments of our minds

Together we will unite

Our knowledge about this world

The faithful lessons we had to endure

That God created us a sign

To choose what road we see ahead

The love that will be remembered

Time that lay it’s mark on our soul

Take me back to the story of when we were young

Wanting to be the best version of ourselves

Like those white lies we speak

We fight for what the future will bring

To testimonies and successes

I lay next to your home

For that is where I know

You will come looking for me