Sirens of enlightenment!

When the bells in Jerusalem are ringing!
I hear the sirens of enlightenment increasing.
Drawing closer and closer.
My ears wait for what it’s bringing.
I look towards the oceans of it’s blissful memories.
My eyes also brightens up just like it’s colourful stories.
The audience wait in silence for what is yet to be spoken.
Before they arrive. I embrace the heartbreaking silence of the meek.
I say to myself “when will they speak?”
For the bells in Jerusalem are still ringing..
I look up to the sky, I can hear the birds are singing.
“Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
For it is time for the seats to be occupied.”
They sing aloud! “Let the show begin. Let the show begin. Let their voices have power. Let’s their tunes ignite fire within our spirits!”
When the bells in Jerusalem are still ringing.
I wait for the silenced to speak out.
Let their voices create rainbows of knowledge and understanding. For they have been silenced for a long time.
I look up to the heavens.
I hear the angels are singing, “Let their voices be heard. Let the audience fill up the seats. Let them listen attentively. For the tunes of their songs isn’t for the ears of the fainted hearts. But, for those who have ears to listen. To see the colours of their memories. To embrace withour judgement their broken stories. From it’s begining to it’s end.”

You can go check out my instagram poetry page – Oluwafunmi_grace

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