On my way

As I go by this road to a place unfamiliar. Leaving everything I know of behind. But, I feel like i’m escaping. I don’t want to look back. Only forward. I take this journey as a transformation. Putting myself out there for the world to lay down it’s path. Do I know where I am going. No, I don’t. But, do u want to turn back around and go back to the place where I am familiar with. The answer is no. I don’t like the familiar anymore. It’s so real that it is slowly drowning my soul. I feel like a fountain that isn’t strong enough to bore out water from it’s core. A fountain for no one to look and admire it’s ever flowing nature. But, I want this journey to take me to places I have never been before. To somewhere that doesn’t have the scent of where I use to be. I want a new fragrance even if it might start as an unfamiliar one. I look at the moments that about to explore. I’m laying down hopes that it might take me back to where I was from. A place that didn’t make me forget who I was. A place that didn’t tell me that I didn’t belong. A place that never break my bones for standing tall. If it’s not a place that embodies all that I want. Il move on back to a new place in hopes of it restoring me back to a fountain that is ever-green and ever-flowing.

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