I love the way your skin rubs on me like gold

Glittering each pleasure that my body could hold

Skin on skin , pleasure for pleasure

You love how my body moves to the touch of your fingers

Sliding down my spine

Your lips speaking to my soul

Telling stories that talks about fantasies

My darkest secrets

Those desires I hide within

You bring them to life

Making them a reality

You’re so skilled

Your lips sing songs of tingling

My waist dances to its tunes

You ravishingly close my mouth

With those soft pink lips

Your tongue travels miles

Miles into my tiny walls

Piercing each tone of colour

Like rainbow rain falling down the ceiling

I get lost in my head

My heart races like it’s being chased

I can see the stars shine bright

Through those lines you form

In between the spaces

You fill in the blanks

You contain it , you take shelter

I break moans of pleasure

That you instill while you’re inside

I cater to your needs

So you don’t leave so soon