The demon in all of us.

If I said I believed in demons. My heart would shiver. Sink into its core. Demons are not to be spoken off. Non existent that I make believe. My life has been travelling through the earth. Met a few demons. Some are kind. Some are like minded. Some are cruel. But, there is one I […]

He played me.

You had all your good charms up your sleaves. Trying so hard to sweep me of my feet. I knew it was too good to be true. My heart knew I would soon be fooled. You had the eye contact to my soul. Making me feel like love was what you wanted to sow.  If […]

A womb-man.

I am a woman. Yes, A womb-man. A man with a womb. A man that bears children. A man that brings life to this world. I am not the man society thinks I am. I am not the man you think I am. I am not to be considered beneath. See, if you could only […]


Have you ever underestimated yourself? Thinking you couldn’t do this and do that. Wondering if you were capable of …? Or able to…? Have you ever underestimated yourself? Putting yourself down. Saying damn you can’t do this now. You became the judge of your own strength.  Have you ever underestimated yourself? The inner voice shouting […]

I shouldn’t have asked.

Yes, I shouldn’t have asked.  When I knew deep down. I was scared of the answers. I knew I didn’t want to know. What if it was, what if it were. What if it was the worst thought that I had in my mind. But, yet I asked. I wanted to know. I wanted to […]

This time around it will be different.

I will make up for all the times that you said I looked beautiful, complimenting me everytime we met. I know, I didn’t show you how much it meant to me that you said those things. But, I secretly loved it.  I know because of my insecurities I refused to believe it. To believe that […]

In her own head.

She locked herself in her head. Thinking no one cared.  She became quiet. She was tired. Tired of what she was going through.  If only someone could see the darkness that had consumed her life. She no longer felt happy.  She had pushed everyone away. Her world had become lonely.  She feared that she had […]