As I walked out into the streets. Boarded a train. On my way to a place I don’t want to be known. We stare into each others eyes like we knew where we both were coming from We looked, maybe asking a question of if we knew what our secrets were. No, she doesn’t know […]


Soaked in my own blood. Bleeding that turns to a flood. Washing away all my sins. For judgment has come to kill. The light within is getting dim. Nothing seems like what it used to be. Maybe this is just a dream. That death wasn’t real. Written by Grace Balogun. Have you ever been close […]


All I have left is bloody hands. Broken heart. Dissapointment due to damned expectations. If words could kill. I would be dead now. Written by Grace Balogun. Share in the comments below if you ever been betrayed. What happened ? And how you dealt with the feeling.


Twist of tinkles up my belly I cringe to the despair Running driftly into shades of past sorrows Wide and clear I worry Brightness shines to my wounds Broads of whiskey woods Mopped down those shallow thoughts


Pieces of paper clamped beneath my feet. I soar higher, I defeat. Bones have withered and withered away. Thriving high above the sea. Imagination filled with deceit. I fright for what I see. Might I not dare to believe That life has born a brief


Life has always been something that was drawn in a specific way on a piece of paper. Each line were there for a purpose. Each path were taken learning from the rules of the books. The rules were stagnant. The rules were all that was to be true. To be considered important. Nothing else mattered. […]

You and me.

I look at you and me as just a one plus one makes two of us. Completing each pieces that was left unsolved. Placing each broken parts of my heart where they belong. Life has done me good by bringing you close.  Though distance takes our faith in its hands but miracles I believe in. […]