Be cautious with forgiveness

Forgiveness shouldn’t be mistaken to be foolishness. A man who forgives to live with one eye open at night is a fool that won’t sleep But with cautious, one forgives the wicked Not to misundersand forgiveness for being a mat to be stamped on multiple times A bunching bag to be punched on Tears to […]

A phone call away

We met on a summer night Dressed up to please Blue was my cherry dress Simple was your dress up definition We talked and laughed Time flew like a blind man’s sight Who would have thought The two of us , Night and day We could be the talk of the town The famous news […]


Broken bones and injured ribs is all she saw as her destiny Bleeding wounds of desperate control was how they wanted to end her soul She said to herself, greatness is what stands ahead For with a bruised eye, she saw her artistic future A blow on the cheek was one step closer to her […]

A dream

I have a dream ! I have a dream ! I have a dream ! A dream were everyone is equal. Where everyone is happy. Where everyone is beautiful. Not judged for being different. But, glorified for being unique. Most definitely for being who they choose to be. Trully, A dream where everyone is with […]


As I walked out into the streets. Boarded a train. On my way to a place I don’t want to be known. We stare into each others eyes like we knew where we both were coming from We looked, maybe asking a question of if we knew what our secrets were. No, she doesn’t know […]


Soaked in my own blood. Bleeding that turns to a flood. Washing away all my sins. For judgment has come to kill. The light within is getting dim. Nothing seems like what it used to be. Maybe this is just a dream. That death wasn’t real. Written by Grace Balogun. Have you ever been close […]


All I have left is bloody hands. Broken heart. Dissapointment due to damned expectations. If words could kill. I would be dead now. Written by Grace Balogun. Share in the comments below if you ever been betrayed. What happened ? And how you dealt with the feeling.