As I listen to the music you placed in my heart Feeling the heat of the sun against my shoulders I think of our beautiful moments Spent wisely and with immense affection I know you are unique with colours I have never explored before As I pass by staring at the world before me I […]

Far far away from home The earthy breeze that graces my cheeks In the middle of water splashing within I feel my faith in the hands of another Distance laughters and chattering that causes me to think I stare into the sunset where my destiny shines above me The moments of silence brings memories of […]

Journey trails

I searched for trails Where my feet could lay close to the earth When I heard no ocean cry aloud Those sounds of teardrops falling like waves curved within its blue white lines The search I thought was never going to end I walked miles away from my upbringing I sought ahead for something worth […]


Believe in perfection Life in it’s original form Striking each color Beyond the usual imagination Life at it’s mediocrity Naked to find serenity In between rushing curiosity Finding writings on walls That speaks of chaos Showing it’s triumph Like a big bird wing Flying black in the sky Painting the earth’s spirit Think about the […]

The letter

Letter to Him “Dear …….. , I turned out to be the best thing you never had” Yours, The best thing you never had. . . Rewrite it with someone name if you please. Tag me in it. So I can see it. Lol

Blue rays of bliss

I stare into the bliss of my destiny That bliss that contains me That bliss that awakens me That bliss that you only heard of That bliss that I speak through my voice That makes me who I am, There you stand, That bliss containing you too There you stand Stronger than I have ever […]