Let go

It’s not about us anymore. It’s about a bigger picture. Something larger than our understanding. Our beliefs. Our thoughts. Our religion. It’s something we can’t control. That’s just how life is. You live until it says it’s time up. What is important is how well we live that life. How we treated people around us. Did we make this world a better place by living in it or did we add to its problems. Are we still one of the problems? Did we do good. Whatever good we could within our strength. Or did we try so hard to be less than good because that’s all we knew. Think about it. We have so many days to change our actions. To change ourselves. To be good. To be better for this world. So that with us living in it, it is a tiny bit better than what it was yesterday. When we didn’t decide to do what’s right.A little bit of philosophical truth. People say it’s nature. It’s the theory of survival of the fittest. But, more than that it’s a reality check. An eye opener to our blindness. This world doesn’t belong to us. It’s time we understood that we are not in comparison to what the universe is. We are tiny specks of dust at the end of the day. Yet, we see ourselves so big & mighty amidst a universe filled with wide seas and tall mountains. One day we wakeup and everything we tried so hard to control decides to give us a reality check. A story that might never live to tell it’s tale or have our children gain the opportunity to live in it. The world is not ever within our grasp. So let go.

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