Twist of tinkles up my belly

I cringe to the despair 

Running driftly into shades of past sorrows

Wide and clear I worry

Brightness shines to my wounds 

Broads of whiskey woods

Mopped down those shallow thoughts 

Those hollow words 

Thy lightly scars devours

Deep between deadly teeths

Sips of tasty darkness , marked

Faded into silent temperaments 

Noise unheard of in truth

Sets ablaze to lightening fire

Burn it ashes of dirt

Rebirth of weary memories 

Death prevailed.

Written by Grace balogun.



Pieces of paper clamped beneath my feet.

I soar higher, I defeat.

Bones have withered and withered away.

Thriving high above the sea.

Imagination filled with deceit. 

I fright for what I see.

Might I not dare to believe 

That life has born a brief

Look for I have been forgiven 

Thy broken nibbles drifting into the air

Into thrashing and gnashing

In the midst of thy binding

Mind and soul

Thine and wine

Yours and mine 

Retaliation seeking forth rebelliousness

To brighten the damnation

Oh damned, oh damned

Drowning suffocation of smokes

Clogged to throats that speaks none

Blind to the softness broad eyes

Tearing might of strongest hands

Dynamites lacking the thirst of seeds 

Deprivation in the banks of deep rivers

Castle planted trees , breathe thy way into

Demon branched rooms

Significant to sweep away dirt 

Before laying in thy hollowed room.

Who knows what sleeps

Who knows what hears

Who knows what sees

Thy blood awakens

Boiling in blue skies of muddy bubbles

Dust pouring on shelves

Used and flushed

Let me seek for peace

Pieces that I have not seen

That clamped my feet

I lay in victory

For I have won 

Knowing to shut my eyes in belief.

Losing Herself.

Life has always been something that was drawn in a specific way on a piece of paper. Each line were there for a purpose. Each path were taken learning from the rules of the books. The rules were stagnant. The rules were all that was to be true. To be considered important. Nothing else mattered. It proved what was right or wrong. What behaviour that was to be encouraged. What was to be purnished. It wouldn’t dare spilling out of the ordinary. Just being a piece of the puzzle that was supposed to fit perfectly to complete the phase of the game. If it were to not fit was to cause chaos. Break the particular system that was built to control outcomes and perfections. 

There was a pattern. A dramatic black and white shades of life. Nothing was ever in between. Music had a specific tune. It didn’t make you laugh. It didn’t make you cry. It was just tunes that had no purpose. It was just rhythms that float in the air. It had its identity but that’s all it had. These music was her identity. No one heard the tunes. People couldn’t relate to what she heard. It’s heart they never saw. It’s love they didn’t want.

 The music was transparent. See through but so distant. This music made her. The lines built her soul. The lines didn’t deviate from the plan. They stood and walked. Obeyed all commands. If at all she wanted them to dance she could let them dance. She could turn them to flowers. She could make them stones. Which gave them flexibility. They deserved freedom. They deserved hapiness. So did she. She was tied to their soul and they were tied to hers. She would let them go. Let herself go. Allow them heal her. Allow them be her light through the darkeness. 

She could be herself again by losing herself. 

It wasn’t easy. Losing all that she knew. All that were her. Most of the lines that built her bones. Those lines she had to bend. She had to let loose. Untie the rope. Choose a doffered side that was still her. Unwrap the gift she once never wanted. But that is her only hope. Her only chance to redemption. She trusts. She takes the leap of faith. She strives.  Swims because she knows she won’t drown no more. She believes in her strength. She caters to her mind. She is strong. 

To no more of the lines. She finally will see the other side. Unravel this journey and  disappear in thin air. To be no more. But, still found within. To lose herself but not completely.

 She finds herself in the loss of her whole being.

Written by Grace balogun.

You and me.

I look at you and me as just a one plus one makes two of us. Completing each pieces that was left unsolved. Placing each broken parts of my heart where they belong. Life has done me good by bringing you close. 

Though distance takes our faith in its hands but miracles I believe in. I know within. There is more to be cherished. There are memories that will not perish. They will be stored up in our lives like books store up on shelves to be re-read and relived. 

I say I will be by your side. I will be there till you say I shouldn’t. I know life has its reasons why you are placed in my path. I will choose to treasure the reasons deep down the chest of my heart. 

For I will be true to you. Bust every move to get to the ends of the earth. I shall see you when time decides. Till then I will make the best of what’s at sight. 

Written by Grace Balogun to a special someone Lito Lopez ❤


Straight towards uncertainty. Beauty unseen. Heart that is more enveloped within its own core. For I have seen all that is. All that is hidden. Though, I must say hidden with a purpose. Just like a treasure. Not meant to be searched for. Dugged up. Found from its beneath mighty dirt. But to be seen even though unseen. Looked through as an honest mind in all its glory for attributes that makes one’s thirst quench in the art of humanity that is brought forth.

Thou shall not break for nothing. For one has accepted the truth that is hidden. Generosity gained for words. Words spoken out of life that lives within the home of much understanding. 

Let thy wings spread to eternity for thou has seen the unseen. Not out of curiousity but out of a mind to see a soul that lays within. 

Words are life. Actions are soul. Superficial is only mere a split second that can’t let life live but be burried in it. Truth lies in being seen for spirit which lies within and not through physicality. 

Blindfolded but sees with so much clarity. The darkness brings out colours that rejoices together because one has been seen. Seen for the truth.

Written by Grace balogun.


Deep meanings are found beneath the surface. Depths of molecules that surrounds our consuming spirits.  

Beyond the realm of subconsciousness,  there lies our concious soul. Guilding through eternity. Dancing between its lifetime creativity. 

What is responsible for our gasp for purpose and self awareness to build a future in our own world. For our own being.

 There is ! Right there !

There stands our consciousness. There lay our hope. There we find our true self. 

Written by Grace balogun. #wordoftheday

The demon in all of us.

If I said I believed in demons. My heart would shiver. Sink into its core. Demons are not to be spoken off. Non existent that I make believe.

My life has been travelling through the earth. Met a few demons. Some are kind. Some are like minded. Some are cruel.

But, there is one I live with. The one that wakes up when I open my eyes. The one that shuts it’s eyes when I shut mine. The one that makes life what it is for me. That’s the one that I’m most scared of.

Demons reside in the depth of the spirit. Speaking to the soul. Making plead for sins. Paying for actions. Not to be feared but to be noticed. 

If I thought life would be easy. I would say there are no demons. But it isn’t the real truth. 

For it’s real. It’s evident. It’s the truth that sometimes might be unspoken. 

Written by Grace balogun. Also inspired by a friend of mine rob & William Shakespeare. 

He played me.

You had all your good charms up your sleaves. Trying so hard to sweep me of my feet.

I knew it was too good to be true. My heart knew I would soon be fooled.

You had the eye contact to my soul. Making me feel like love was what you wanted to sow. 

If at all I missed the red flags, they were because you swoon me by wanting to carry my heavy bag. Opening the door before me. Calling me beautiful whenever you saw me. 

You never missed a moment. 

Guess you were just trying to create a moment. So that my heart would fall for your player doses.

It sucks to know you played me to get to the finish line at the cost of my heart being broken.

Maybe, I should learn to be a little guarded. I have decided. 

But, how does one know when being a gentleman is not just showmanship.

When opening the door is just courtesy.

Compliments not just one of the tricks in the book. 

When being courteous comes without an agenda?

Maybe I may turn out to be something similar or something better.

But you never just know. 

One thing is certain. Karma plays everyone the way they deserve.

Writen by Grace balogun.

A womb-man.

I am a woman.

Yes, A womb-man.

A man with a womb.

A man that bears children.

A man that brings life to this world.

I am not the man society thinks I am. I am not the man you think I am.

I am not to be considered beneath.

See, if you could only realise that I am a man with a womb.

A womb-man.

Then you wouldn’t think of me to be less than a man because I am a man.

A man with a womb.

Because I have a womb, my body is different from yours.

Yes, I am a different kind of man.

I am a man that brings men into this world.

I am a man that nurtures. 

I am a man that supports.

I am a man with strength. 

I am a man that help multiply.

I am a man that multiplies.

I am a womb-man.

A wo-man.

Written by Grace balogun 


Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Thinking you couldn’t do this and do that.

Wondering if you were capable of …? Or able to…?

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Putting yourself down.

Saying damn you can’t do this now.

You became the judge of your own strength. 

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

The inner voice shouting no!

The devil behind your ears screaming!

You spirit was guiding!

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Girl! You are falling!

Failure is calling!

You are going to move towards failing!

What was saying!

Was you!

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

You had to prove to you.

Had to show you.

Had to convince you.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

That you were surprised.

When you finally made it.

Fought back.

Could complete it.


Finally did it.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

To the extent that you had to change the 

Percepion you had of yourself.

Most of the time, we are the  ones pushing ourselves down and judging our capabilities before we even had the chance to prove our strength. Some of us are our own worst judges.

Written Grace balogun