Good days are coming

Many great stories have been writtenThrough pain, sorrows and hardshipsYou will get to where you want to beEven though it might seem very distantYour pain will mould youYour sorrows will bring good fruitsYour hardships will make you a better personDo not lose hope but stay strongLet yourself knowThat good days are coming                                    



Getting to the reality that the life lived was all a lie. Everything was made up and only exists through thoughts. It was just a matter of time before it exploded into nothing. Maybe the reality was painful but it was worthwhile understanding that it was time for change. A big line drawn from the […]


I love the way your skin rubs on me like gold Glittering each pleasure that my body could hold Skin on skin , pleasure for pleasure You love how my body moves to the touch of your fingers Sliding down my spine Your lips speaking to my soul Telling stories that talks about fantasies My […]

Let go

It’s not about us anymore. It’s about a bigger picture. Something larger than our understanding. Our beliefs. Our thoughts. Our religion. It’s something we can’t control. That’s just how life is. You live until it says it’s time up. What is important is how well we live that life. How we treated people around us. […]

On my way

As I go by this road to a place unfamiliar. Leaving everything I know of behind. But, I feel like i’m escaping. I don’t want to look back. Only forward. I take this journey as a transformation. Putting myself out there for the world to lay down it’s path. Do I know where I am […]

Sirens of enlightenment!

When the bells in Jerusalem are ringing! I hear the sirens of enlightenment increasing. Drawing closer and closer. My ears wait for what it’s bringing. I look towards the oceans of it’s blissful memories. My eyes also brightens up just like it’s colourful stories. The audience wait in silence for what is yet to be […]

Mama said, Don’t !

Mama said, Don’t go to a Man’s house, Because you might do what you would later regret. Mama said, Don’t tell him you love him, when you didn’t mean it. Because that just makes you a really bad liar. Mama said, Don’t compromise for a Man, If He expects you to compromise on being a […]

They said, They said

They said, they said, You are not what your have been through You are stronger than those bad days There is always a reason How, where and why things happen? I started believing them And what they said Because that gave me hope That I was greater than what others said about me I was […]


Addiction is a word I’d never want to fall in love with. An action I’d like to say goodbye to. Mostly because it hurts to feel addicted to anything. It strikes that cord of unrealistic cravings which I’d like not to indulge in. I’d like balance. Balance of everything. Nothing more to give and nothing […]

Monkey Bar

I sit here in this place The monkey bar, where my father in heaven will write me a new chapter In this story of my life I am willing to break the rules Take this new adventure This time my mind is set Just as the lemon ice tea right in front of me The […]