Sirens of enlightenment!

When the bells in Jerusalem are ringing! I hear the sirens of enlightenment increasing. Drawing closer and closer. My ears wait for what it’s bringing. I look towards the oceans of it’s blissful memories. My eyes also brightens up just like it’s colourful stories. The audience wait in silence for what is yet to be […]


Addiction is a word I’d never want to fall in love with. An action I’d like to say goodbye to. Mostly because it hurts to feel addicted to anything. It strikes that cord of unrealistic cravings which I’d like not to indulge in. I’d like balance. Balance of everything. Nothing more to give and nothing […]

Monkey Bar

I sit here in this place The monkey bar, where my father in heaven will write me a new chapter In this story of my life I am willing to break the rules Take this new adventure This time my mind is set Just as the lemon ice tea right in front of me The […]

Once again

Help me to have faith again Because everyday I get closer to not believing in anything Not a single word Not a single prayer Not a person Not a thing I believed Till my heart went faint Till my heart beat knew no sound Till I became afraid of my anxiety Till I lost myself […]


Hello, I’m writing this, even though I’m scared My heart is beating faster than I can breathe, because I don’t know what you might believe , I have had time to think about what we were all about, I wish I could rewrite our chapter in this little story of ours That was short lived […]

Where it belongs

I feel a little broken A piece of me taken to never return Something I knew all along But decided to stay I no longer ask questions Because I already know the answers It hurt to have these feelings But I know it will pass I gave knowing I wouldn’t get in return I bargained […]

Letting go

If this moment should pass me by just as I passed those memories on for the next day to not be remembered anymore. I look forward to that day I no longer hold you in grudge for my despair and grant myself gratefulness on your behalf, for knowing you made me stronger & I no […]