They said, They said

They said, they said,
You are not what your have been through
You are stronger than those bad days
There is always a reason
How, where and why things happen?
I started believing them
And what they said
Because that gave me hope
That I was greater than what others said about me
I was better even though some left me
I was lovable even if he couldn’t love me
I could love someone even though I couldn’t love him
So I believed them
I believed what they said because their words held me together when I thought I’d almost be broken to pieces
Their words told me I could look forward and not backwards
That what I left behind
Is what should have been left behind
And I carry greatness on my shoulder
And what comes ahead is going to be greater
So I believed them
I believed in their words
Because it put those broken pieces in me back together that others left behind
And helped me saw that I was greater than all those struggles
And that made me stronger
And that made me who I am today
Not that little girl scared of flying
Or scared of rejection, or running from her past
I believed them because their words made me believe I could fly
And though my wings were shattered
I could still pick myself up and heal those wounds
And fly as high as I could
So I believed them because I flew and flew so high
That I could finally touch the sky

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